Start-up assistance

We provide technical support for each of our clients’ projects by making use of our top level engineers and technicians with experience in assisting during the commissioning and start-up stages of industrial facilities.

Turbine start-up

  • Conventional gas (heavy duty) Turbine start-ups: Loads ranging from 10 to 500 MW
  • Aero-derivative Turbine start-ups: Loads from 3 MW to 55 MW
  • Steam Turbine start-ups: Loads from 1 MW to 600 MW

Compressor start-ups

  • Air Compressor start-ups
  • BCL gas Compressor start-ups
  • Screw Compressor start-ups
  • Reciprocal (alternative) Compressors

Engine start-ups

  • Gas engines
  • Diesel engines
  • Biogas engines
  • Dual engines

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