Reciprocant compressors preservation activites

Within the preservation plan of this compressors, is the rotation of their shafts and crankshafts. According to the preservation recommendations of the vendor, it will be necessary to perform a biweekly rotation of ¼ of a turn, thus changing the angle of support of the weights on the shaft. In this way, a distribution of the loads on the shaft will be achieved, during the construction phase until its start-up.


  • The rotation of the shaft must be carried out periodically according to the time frame of each manufacturer, and the appropriate tools must be used.
  • The flywheel can be turned freely and effortlessly when the pistons are not installed.
  • In the case where the pistons are installed, it will be necessary to use a special tool to turn the flywheel.
  • The tool to be used will have a suitable measurement for the size of the flywheel, matching the holes of the flywheel with the pins of the tool.

For a correct traceability of all the activities of the shaft/crankshaft rotation, it will be necessary to create a control log sheet of all the preservation activities and inspections, including the shaft turns made and the angles of the movements.

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